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“Abstract Expressionism. The art of the subconscious. Auto painting. The stream began in the late 1930s in America, in New York, with unconventional “abstract” artists, creating blending colors directly on the canvas, using techniques and compositions unprecedented for the world’s visual arts. Brushes, pallets, seem unnecessary … Fingers, hand palms, objects of all kinds …


The way artists create … !!! Patterns, motifs, combinations … Psychedelic depiction of emotional intelligence … Imaginary painting, of course, had the Renaissance … Cubism, surrealism at their peak … And somewhere there … Pollock, de kouning, Rothko … The great of abstract expressionism … The movement … He fell there somewhere in the 1950s and is now reborn for good … From the west to the east and from north to south … The artwork in abstract expressionism is different from day to day … Wherever it is exposed … Why we are otherwise …any minute…. It connects so much with the psyche …. With the primordial enthusiasms .. The experience and the … trauma … Man is the unit but also the … crowd … And ‘oh ..’.


Yiannis Petrou, is a Greek artist in abstract expressionism. He is a graduate of the Naval Academy and, as an Officer, traveled all over the world. He has seen many different cultures, multi-cultural differences, incredible images but also familiar and familiar with the part of human psyche. His experiences, together with the study of art history and research on emotional intelligence, especially of artists, led him to a simple yet very simplistic conclusion …. Smile, tears, fear, joy, pain … Everything is all the same under the lid of human psyche. This is the subject of his art.


“In canvases where the colors go directly to the canvas, anarchously, but so harmoniously … Thinking many times follows the creation … And then he bows to the power of the subconscious because the trauma of the soul starts from the conception of the fetus and even before …! My materials, acrylics, oils, fruit essences, manos intended to color a woman’s fingers, flowers, leaves, asymmetric seeming substances that bind and collide in the white canvas the works when I finish them are no longer my own, me they brought me the peace I seek, even temporarily … But then they deserve to continue their journey. In the other souls of viewers … Their only requirement is for a while to let them look at them … Leave in the dark but simple. “

“My great paintings are slowly being born in my heart,” said a pioneer of abstract art, Vasily Kandinsky. The painter played with colors and forms as if they were notes of music. It acted like the composer who seeks through the diversity of the score to render contrasts, coexistence, tension or harmony. With the significant shift he made to abstract art, he was able to overcome the figure’s commitment.
For the first time in twenty years, the Pompidou Center presents a great exhibition of 100 works by the Russian artist. After Munich and before New York, Boubour presents this exhibition until August 20th. The chronological journey shows the artist’s contribution to modern art, the choices and ideas he expressed and his involvement in the pioneering currents of his time.

Kandinsky was born in Moscow in 1866, in a wealthy family. He studied law and economics until 1895, but when he received his diploma he left for Munich to study fine arts. He knows the painter Gabrielle Mieder, they travel together in many countries and in 1906 they are in Paris where the painter lives for a year. He draws landscapes, compositions, meets an international group of artists, takes part in exhibitions, connects himself to Bruce, Picasso, Derene, Klee. In 1908 Kandinsky returned to Munich, undergoing a period of creative orgasm.