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It is the second time in 2018 that Gentileski’s work was sold through auction

The “Lucretia” project of Artemisia Gentileschi, which was valued for sale for 500-700 thousand euros, was sold instead of 1,885,000 euros by the Dorotheum auction house in Vienna. The project is directed to a private collection of Australia.

It is the second time in 2018 that Gentileski’s work was sold through auction. It was preceded by the acquisition of “Self-portrait as Saint Catherine of Alexandria” by the National Gallery of London versus 3,600,000 pounds.

The table titled “Lucretia” is likely to come from Naples, and among its heirs was Maria Grimaldi, a cone of Petra. There is a long series of heirs to date. The painting was not publicly exposed and attributed to Artemisia Gentileski by Nicola Spinosa in 2015. Spinoza dated back to the early 1620s. In Lucretia’s display its skin radiates, while the rich and deep blue and yellow colors of the fabrics determine its dynamic movement at the far end of the iconographic space.

When Artemisia Gentileski arrived in Naples, he painted Lucretia again, a work he had done before, and is now in the Etro collection in Milan. Compared to the first table, the one auctioned by Dorotheum depicts Lucretia elegant and gentle in its dramatic gesture, shows the maturity of Gentileski’s visual language, as at this stage of her career she was successful and safe.

Gentileski settled in Naples in 1630 after her marriage was dissolved, and she lived until the end of her life, except during her stay in England, when she again worked with her father, who became an autistic painter of Charles I in 1638. Orationo died in 1639 and Artemisia returned to Naples.